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James River Catfishing
When first starting out it can be quite challenging. There are a million questions you want answered to ensure your success. With a few simple tips, time on the water, and a bit of patience you can land that fish of a lifetime. There are infinite combinations of gear, location, and bait to catch catfish. This article will detail what you need to know to land trophy-sized fish.

Trophy Blue Catfishing

Part 1 by John Sherman

My earliest memories of catfishing are with my father. He would carry me out into the river where we fished for channel cats from a big flat rock. Some days we would stay longer, to avoid stumbling across rocks after dark we’d just fish from the boat launch. Hot nights, mosquitoes, and the hiss of his propane lantern, are all great memories. We never really caught anything that big, but it sure got me interested in fishing.

Things have changed a great deal since then; I grew up and moved a few states away. Now I have my own boat, thus nights fishing from shore are long gone. Also gone is the satisfaction of catching small fish. I’m now part of a growing number of catfisherman that get serious when the boat touches the water, and our goal are trophy-sized catfish.

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